Permanent Jewelry

YAY, you got zapped! Welcome to the ✨golden✨ club!

Now what? Here's a few care tips and FAQ's to keep in mind!

So what is permanent jewelry? We take a chain of choice and custom size that into a bracelet, necklace, anklet or ring. We weld a tiny jump ring together to attach the two ends. Is it really permanent? Not really. It can be removed anytime with wire cutters or nail clippers. And to be totally transparent, your permanent jewelry with proper care can last a longggg time. Forever? Well nothing lasts forever, but we definitely give you the tools and tips to make sure you get the most out of your jewelry and keep it in tip top shape!
KEEP YOUR RECEIPT! Just in case it is needed for future reference.
If your chain falls off or breaks within 14 days of getting zapped, we will replace it as one time as a courtesy to you. If it is after the 14 day period, we will add another jump ring, again as a one time courtesy. After that will need to charge a $10 repair fee.

✨ If you notice your chain has stretched out after a little bit of wear, that is totally normal! Gold filled jewelry tends to loosen up over time, and as we like to say...forms to you and your lifestyle! If you find it getting too big or getting in your way or you would like your chain switched over to your other arm, we will fix it as a one time courtesy, any repair or switch after that will be a $10 fee

✨ If you did NOT get your permanent jewelry with us, it will be $10 repair fee for every item we fix from another provider. 

✨ All of our chains are 14k gold filled and sterling silver... the best part? They are water proof! Meaning they are impermeable no matter how much time it spends in the water. So YES you can get them wet! Please be mindful of your everyday activities such as lotion and sunscreen applications. Try to avoid any harsh chemicals.

My charm has started to turn color... why is that? Our charms are gold plated and water resistant, meaning they are able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely, resulting in the rare opportunity that it may turn in color. If you are worried about discoloration, please have us place your charm in a spot that is easily removable.


Lightly buff your chain with a soft cloth once a week to maintain that golden glow.

Softly scrub your chain once a week with soft brush provided, warm water & dish soap to remove any unwanted buildup.

Be mindful with your day to day activities.

Avoid any harsh chemicals.